Chromatica Studio brings state of the art, high quality color grading to Unity with a powerful artist-friendly interface.


Complete color grading stack, filmic tonemapping, blending volumes, scripting API for custom blending...


No external software required thanks to a powerful integrated editor.


Carefully tuned for maximum performances on desktop, iOS and Android platforms.

"Thomas is a genius, plain and simple. This is an incredibly powerful suite of color correction tools that allows you to get as simple or complex as you want. It's the only color correction/grading pack I'll use and recommend."
Quantum Theory

"Give the extra visual quality to your audience. Works out of the box as simple as that."
Michael Bitsakis

"The depth LUT in particular is very handy, and produces amazing results. Recently I've been struggling to make my terrain look decent - even tried out some of the "Best" assets on the store, but after playing around with Chromatica Studio for a bit, a simple vibrance increase coupled with the depth LUT feature made a bigger difference to the scenes overall look than prohibitively expensive fancy terrain shaders. "
Gadget Games